Transmedia installation.

Madness is just another school of thought.


Unfinished Business - web platform -   http://theunfinished.business

Unfinished Business - web platform - http://theunfinished.business

Unfinished Business is a transmedia installation conceived as a dynamic multi-layered diary. It includes web-platform, a double-screen projection, a photographic exhibition and an unconventional book format.

 It is a self-analytical hybrid piece which explores non-linear storytelling involving the public in a intimate journey through an immersive artistic-narrative experience.



Concretely, Unfinished Business is made up of films, still pictures, projections, texts and soundscapes embraced on multiple platforms within a conceptual environment. The project adapts and shares personal stories and isolated experiences with an aesthetic perspective based on the psychological, sociological and environmental parameters that define the human condition, particularly in urban contexts.

As a web-based narrative it approaches non-linear storytelling for the Internet via audiovisual segments correlating fiction and non-fiction realization, inviting the audience to plunge into an expedition beyond both familiar and excentric states of mind as if it were their own. The navigation options are primarly unclear and as further the exploration goes, the audience discover and follow up their own experience in the way and for as long as they wish.

This non-linear structure is also applied to the book-object. Employing both analogue (printed-based materials) and digital supports, it requires a spectator-based investigation of diverse sources of information including letters and photos found in a collection of envelopes, as well as access to complementary information via smartphone-scannable QR codes.

Finally, a photographic exhibition and a double-screen projection are structured to be a connection/interface layer in this environment, showing experimental photography, video-loops and soundscapes.


Double-screen projection